Massage by Madge
My love for Massage Therapy grew from the receiving end of much needed and wanted Therapeutic Massage. This would be a journey that would change my life and give me a deeper understanding and belief in the healing aspect of Therapeutic Massage from the inside out.  
It began in an effort to detoxify my body of unwanted toxins that were compromising my health back in 1990. This would become a teaching lesson that if I had not been the one on the receiving end, I don’t know if I would have believed the miraculous benefits of Massage Therapy and the profound results that were forthcoming. This was followed by the misfortune of several car accidents that led to therapy for my nerves and low back which I am mindful of when working on those who come to me with a hurt or stressed back. Then in 2002, a major fracture to my wrist while rollerblading that wouldn’t completely heal while following the protocol of my  doctors would lead me right back to Massage Therapy. The healing benefits helped me completely recover from the major trauma restoring full range of motion and feeling back to my arm and hand.  
The positive results were so profound that it was enough to convince me to pursue a career in the healing art of Massage Therapy. I graduated at the top of my class in 2005 and have been working in Massage Therapy ever since.  
Madge Lynch
1104 Longworth Dr.
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Institute for Natural Healing Sciences, 2005
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